Hydraulic Hose Marking System – UIM 10

Marking Machine

Use of marked hoses improves safety. The UIM 10 is a low-cost insert marking tool for up to 2″ hoses. The marking can be repeated exactly. In order to assure to skive the proper length or the fitting is inserted properly. You can mark up to 700 hoses in an hour. This means you can manually mark hoses three times faster with a lot more precision.


UIM 10
Marking areaØ 8 – 80mm
Marking depth~ 0,5mm
L x W x H (mm)285 x 265 x 410
Insertable steel characters25 Pieces
Single charactersA-Z / 0-9 / blank
Character blocks5 – fold / 10 – fold
Quick character changeSingle or double
Hose sizes
Production capacity
Air pressure
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UIM 10