Hydraulic Hose Crimper Ultra 2000 Tonne

Insulators & Large Bore

Stability, innovation and crimping force characterize the new Uniflex HMC 12-2000 crimper. This machine is not only able to crimp the biggest hoses ever for a Uniflex machine, it is also the most compact one for mobile work in Uniflex history. The HMC 12-2000 is the most solid built C-crimper of the 2000 ton category due to its integrated powerbooster for high crimping forces. After a long period of research and development in the field of FEM, this machine outshines all others of its category. Uniflex defines new crimping techniques and focuses on the highest quality and user-friendliness as well as on advanced materials.


HMC 12-2000
Crimp force (ton)20,000 / 2000
No grease: 20% less friction
ControlControl C.2
SAE R15 4SH 1 Piece3″
SAE R15 4SH 2 Piece3″
90 ̊ Bow3″
Max. crimp range (mm) with basic dies
Ø PB +50
Opening without dies435 mm
Die type247, 245, 237
Speed (mm / sec)
Close / crimp / openUpon request, depends on power unit
L x W x H (mm)2000 x 750 x 2400
Weight of tool15,000 kg
Optional Extras

Bespoke Software
Pressure force monitoring (PFM)
Data capture and transfer
Worksheet Scanner

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Ultra 2000 Tonne Crimper