Uniflex Hydraulic Hose Crimper – SH 7 (S7), SH 7 S

Due to its narrow, innovative construction, high level of user friendliness, and long service life, the SH 7 sets the standard for quality
and cost effectiveness. Balanced weight (2″ / 77 kg) and compact engineered design make the SH 7 perfect for workshops and on-site
service as well as a service or reserve press for quick use. The proven greaseless slide bearing technology with quick-change system
reduces maintenance costs, extends service life and increases accuracy.


SH 7SH 7 S
Crimp force (kN/Ton)2,400/2403,200/320
No grease 20% less friction
ControlControl AControl A
SAE R 15/4SH* 1 piece fitting2″2″
4SH* 2 piece fitting2″2″
SAE R 15* 2 piece fitting1 1/2″1 1/2″
90° Elbows1/2″1/2″
Crimp range (mm/inch)82 / 3.2382 / 3.23
Opening (mm/inch)+24 / +0.94+24 / +0.94
Opening without dies (mm/inch)110 / 4.33110 / 4.33
Master dies length (mm/inch)90 / 3.5490 / 3.54
Types of dies239 – xx/265239 – xx/265
Speed (mm/sec)


Noise level70 dBA70 dBA
Drive0.75 kW 3 VAC0.75 kW 3 VAC
Oil2.3 l2.3 l
L x W x H (mm)430 x 367 x 682430 x 367 x 682
Weight77 kg77 kg
12 VDC/24 VDC
1 Phase
Control C.2/IPC

With its slim, innovative design, high level of user-friendliness, versatility and long service life, the SH 7 Benchmarks for quality and efficiency. Its light weight and compact design make the SH 7 perfect for den stationary and mobile use up to 2 inches. The proven lubrication-free slide bearing technology lowers maintenance andcosts and increases production quality.

Large opening travel
  • Easy pressing of elbow fittings without removing the pressing dies
CE compliant
  • SH 7
  • SH 7 S
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SH 7, SH 7 S